Michele Nowak-Sharkey

Ask Us: Part One - How Do I Explain MFT To Clients?

You understand the concepts behind MFT.

You learned the Fundamental Procedure.You feel comfortable with the cell energy kits.
You invested in nutritional supplements to create the protocols. 
Now all you need is how to explain MFT to your clients. 
So where do you begin?  
One approach is that MFT is a conversation with the body.
It is through the five parts of MFT that we understand how to have a productive conversation.
1. Modified Muscle Response Test 

The language we are using for communication with the body is the Modified Muscle Response Test Method. 
In any language there is vocabulary which contains a body of words/gestures/actions for communication.  
The vocabulary for MFT includes such words/gestures/actions as: Strong arm response/Weak arm response: Depending on the situation, the meaning of the response will dictate whether the body is asking for something it needs or saying no to something is does not want.
2. M-Field  

The pathway for our communication is the M-Field.
If the pathway is weak, the conversation could be disrupted. 
That is why we need to make sure the pathway (M-Field) is as big and clear as we can make it in the moment the conversation is happening.
We want the M-Field to be at least three feet all around the body, so the signal is strong.
3. Epigenetics  

The context of our conversation is epigenetics.
Epigenetic theory is about the impact on genetic expression by environmental forces such as emotional stress, nutrition choices, immune stress, toxicity from heavy metals and chemical exposure, etc.  
The M-Field makes constant environmental assessments and adjusts accordingly.
But it often needs nutritional support to be effective.
4. Cell Energy Kits 

The actual conversation is through the cell energy kits.
We ask the body questions through the presentation of the energy vials.
We ask,“ Do you need this?” or “ Do you have too much of that?”
5. Nutritional Supplementation and Lifestyle Changes 

When we get the responses to what the body wants or does not want, the nutritional supplements or lifestyle changes are the answers/solutions.
Presenting MFT as a conversation with the body is the simplest way to explain it to your clients. 

Take a few minutes and see if you can take the components of the conversation described above and formulate a one- three sentence description for your clients.  
In subsequent posts we will explore other approaches to  how to explain MFT to others. 
Find the approach that feels the most comfortable for you.

And as always, follow the energy!
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