Insights from the Field: Everything Begins with an IDEA

Michele Nowak-Sharkey
Ideas are often imagined because of a need born from the impact of a present situation. For Dr. Springob, the need was and continues to be the effect of environmental changes, agricultural and food source practices, and the burgeoning of irresponsible technology use on the health of an individual.

The answer to this idea creating inquiry was formulated by taking bits and pieces from one place, mixing them with other perspectives, expanding concepts of applied science and using newly developed materials.

MFT re-visioned muscle response testing techniques, added the scientifically proven evidence of a torus pattern of energy around the body, used the technology behind Radionics, and developed relationships with already established nutritional supplement companies with proven products.
This process resulted in the 5 Parts of MFT.
The 5 Parts of MFT
Modified Muscle Response Test, the language for communication.
M-Field as a pathway for communication.
Epigenetics theory as the context of the conversation.
Cell Energy Kits to find out what the body needs for moving from general health toward optimal health, as the conversation.
Nutritional Supplementation and Lifestyle Changes, as the solution to the questions asked.
Since Dr. Springob started teaching his method, the MFT Community has grown. With the blossoming of the community, new ideas/approaches in how to use MFT are happening.

The intention of this blog is:
 To share the ongoing work of Dr. Springob.
 To bring attention to industry leaders and explorations.
 To introduce the amazing stories of our MFT Community.
 To inspire every person to confidentially nurture their own ideas.

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