The dawn of the MFT Practitioner Spotlight: A Conversation with Dr. Cathy Taig and Her Book, "Birth Right".

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The dawn of the MFT Practitioner Spotlight

This is the first, of what we hope will be many conversations with practitioners about their clinical practices, personal journeys, and experiences with MFT. 

Our practitioner spotlight this month is on Dr. Cathy Taig, D.C. Together with her husband, Dr. Timothy Taig, D.C, they are Taig Family Chiropractic. 

They have been serving the Grand Rapids, Michigan community with chiropractic services for over 19 years.

For the past 4+ years Dr. Cathy has been offering nutritional counseling using the Morphogenic Field Technique method. 
The launch of MFT as a service 

 Dr. Cathy’s beginnings with MFT happened while she was pregnant and needed continuing education credits for her chiropractic license. Through seminars sponsored by the nutritional supplement company, Standard Process, she eventually ended up in a Basic MFT workshop with Dr. Frank Springob, D.C. And from that beginning she brought nutritional counseling into the practice. 

Presently Dr. Cathy says their practice is comprised of 40% chiropractic adjustments, 40% nutritional counseling and 20% both services. When asked about their strategy for developing the nutritional counseling aspect of the practice, she stated, “It’s as clear as mud.” Her best guess is that it is a mix of existing chiropractic patients, chiropractic patients telling friends and a bit of ‘who knows?’ 

“When I was getting more interested in offering MFT to our patients, what I would say is, ‘hey you know our environment is toxic, some of the symptoms you are talking to me about I really think are nutrition related. I know this might be new to you but why don’t you let me do an exam on you, complimentary exam and if it makes sense to you then great and if it doesn’t no obligation.’

 Just doing the Show & Tell with the muscle testing, I would hear things like ‘Oh my goodness why can’t I hold my arm up?’  They could feel it. Feel what was going on and they were like ‘Wow this is kind of cool.’ 

I’d say, ‘Give it 30 days. See how you feel. If it helps you then, I encourage you to continue.’ Maybe 2% of the people would say no thanks, sorry.”

Dr. Cathy believes the nutritional counseling aspect of the business will outgrow the chiropractic adjustment side in the years to come.

 One event that influenced the shift to nutritional counseling for their practice was the change in insurance coverage. People who had coverage were willing to give chiropractic a try. Then when they had to pay higher deductibles, it influenced their decision about the frequency of care. 

This shift required the practice to think about what people would value.
Dr. Cathy commented “ There is a whole lot of value found in MFT.”
The kickoff to good health

 Dr. Cathy said she always starts with the Foundations. “Red, White & Blue kits all the way.” She went onto say with a chuckle, “I really like the kit that gives me the most information.” Right now, for her, that kit is the Special Situations kit. “We have a field. We have covered the foundations, what is the next step?”

She likes to flash this kit to see if the patient’s body resonates with any of the symptoms of the various labels. As she stated “It helps me direct my steps of what to recommend to the patient.  It doesn’t mean they have that disease label. It is a starting point.”

Another beginning is branching out into other product lines. Dr. Cathy’s top nutritional product line is Standard Process. “There are so many nooks and crannies in SP to master.” However, she does work with some Energetix products and has started to explore Biotics Research products too.
The rise of successful patient outcomes 

Dr. Cathy says she has had numerous success stories with MFT. One she proudly spoke about was the story of a patient who came to see her after battling with Lyme’s disease for over 5 years. 

“The patient said,  ‘I’m not interested in buying supplements.’ She had a huge bag of supplements she had already tried. I told her ‘I know you are not interested in buying supplements, but I need you to do what I say for 30 days. And if that means buying supplements for 30 days, then you need to buy them to give this a chance.’ My feeling was after 5 years, what’s another 30 days?

She did it for 30 days. When she came back, she said, ‘ I can tell the difference. I still have the symptoms I am experiencing but I can tell there is something different. I can’t put my finger on it.’

We worked together for a year. She came in a few months ago and said “I am Lyme free. I can say that because it is not only that the test shows it but how I feel, the energy.”

Dr. Cathy went on to say, “So what’s the difference? The field is the difference. I love helping with this direction (nutrition). Where are they going to go to get these kinds of results? There are other things that are helpful for sure, but the whole concept of the field and getting someone to have a field, and their physiology with a bigger field vs not having a field is a huge game changer for someone’s health.”
The birth of a life-direction

It started back in 1997 when a neighbor called and asked the soon to be chiropractic student Cathy Taig to help assist with the home birth of her fourth child. Although hesitant, Dr. Cathy thought at the time, “How can you leave her alone? If anything, I could be there in case she needed something.”

That experience helped shape her evolving  life direction which today is helping pregnant women become new happy moms and have healthy babies by giving them information about self-care options other than such things as synthetic vitamins, and by making them aware that they have birthing choices in addition to going to the hospital. 

Another factor that influenced her life direction were that she, “grew up in the medicine chest,” where you did things the way they were always done, such as birth in a hospital. After assisting with this home birth, she then had the understanding that there were other scenarios for a woman’s birthing story.

The next occurrence that left a huge imprint on her life direction was her own birthing experience. Dr. Cathy and Dr. Tim did not have their first child until 16 years into their marriage. At age 38, according to the western medical model, she was considered a high-risk pregnancy and told her best birth option was the hospital. She did not follow that advise. She brought their daughter into the world at a local birthing center. And again, at age 41 she gave birth to their son. This time in a home birth.
The conception of Birth Right 

It was during the pandemic that she heard stories from women who came into their practice about moms being forced to mask during labor, or about  babies being separated from their mothers if the mom tested positive for COVID, thus decreasing their bonding time. These stories got her “a little angry because that wasn’t God’s best for that.”

Dr. Cathy shared, “ I always knew I would write something I just didn’t know when. That motivated me. Guess what, birth most of the time is not a medical emergency. We are so trained to think, I am going to have a baby. I am going to the hospital. 

Before COVID the US was the only developed nation where the infant and maternal mortality rates continue to climb. I can’t imagine it is any better now.”

On her website her book Birth Right: Discover God’s Best for Your Birth Experience,  is described as part memoir and part informative. It offers women considering becoming mothers an alternative. The book articulates such considerations as the costs women pay for not questioning the current birthing norms. How to gain freedom in birthing decisions. Explanations of birthing options like the free-standing approach and signposts for the sacred journey of childbearing.

"I am giving all sides to birthing. What pregnant moms should know. It is also a faith book. I bring God into the picture. I show them what you can do in the natural world, and what you can do in the supernatural (world).

God designed this process, and he can be trusted with it. It is a book to empower women to make up their own mind. They don’t have to just get what they get when they go to the hospital. Even if they choose to still have their baby in the hospital there are things they can do to protect themselves and their babies.”

Dr. Cathy hopes that women will be able to identify with these stories and choose what resonates with them. Most importantly from reading the book, that they become the guide for their own birthing experience.

The birthing center where Dr. Cathy gave birth to her daughter, closed. This closure helped fuel her passion with the hope that women will embrace a movement advocating for more birthing options and having increased accessibility for more women to such places.
The genesis of the idea becomes a family affair

As the Taig Team, Dr. Cathy along with her husband, Dr. Tim, host the podcast Faith & Family Frontier on the Charisma Podcast Network.

Dr. Cathy describes her husband as a “big outdoors guy.” And she says she is all about strong beginnings for families.

On the podcast she addresses future moms, and he shares insights with future dads. Together they hope to foster healthy foundations for the family unit.

Healthy beginnings for all MFT Practitioners

Dr Cathy shared these insights:

As Dr. Springob says, "Don't think linear, follow the energy."

Get good at finding the combo energies. You flash the kit, and the patient’s arm goes weak however you are not sure how to find the solution. Often it is matched with another energy.

Don’t give up.

Sometimes you need to flash the kits more than once. She talked about a recent patient whose body was so angry with having received the COVID vaccination that it wouldn’t talk to her. She needed to flash the kit three times before the body would respond.

Take great care of yourself as a practitioner.

In closing Dr. Cathy said, “ I am thankful and grateful for MFT and all the work that Dr Frank does. It is  a wonderful thing, and I am so glad I can share it with my sphere of influence.”

We are so grateful to Dr. Cathy for sharing with us today! She has given the MFT Practitioner Spotlight a strong beginning!

Presale for the book Birth Right: Discover God’s Best for Your Birth Experience is happening now. Amazon will release the e-book on November 11th and the paperback on November 18th. It is exciting to note that the e-book is only .99! And the paperback comes in around an affordable $14.00.

For more information about the book, the podcast or Dr. Cathy Taig, herself go to  

And remember Follow the Energy and enjoy all your beginnings!


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