With Love and Gratitude, Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 25 / Corey Pearson - Credits to SL
While Thanksgiving is only one day at the end of the November, at the Morphogenic Field Technique we like to celebrate, cultivate, and share gratitude all month.  

Practicing gratitude helps us shift our mental state from the list of things we wish we had to recognizing all the amazing things we already have. When we’re vibrating on the frequency of gratitude, we not only cultivate greater feelings of joy, but we actually attract more things to be grateful for. Gratitude can even have positive effects on our health, including a strengthened immune system, increased endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine levels - improving emotional wellness.  

We are taking a moment to share all we are grateful for:  

Our Country’s Organic Farmers: Thank you for waking before dawn to tend to our precious earth, maintaining sustainable farming practices that give back to the land while growing beautiful foods that nourish our bodies. 

Our Supplement Companies: Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure safety and efficacy, delivering the best of nature and science to our doorsteps, in times when we need nourishment most.  

The Morphogenic Field Technique Team: Thank you for making MFT what it is – a place of growth, expansion, joy, and abundance. For dedicating yourselves to our mission to transform lives, and delivering the tools needed to create optimal health and vitality.  

YOU, Morphogenic Field Technique Practitioners and Clients: Thank you for being a part of this movement and our inspiration for everything we do. For connecting and supporting one another in this community and for making this world a more joyful and vibrant place.  

Now, a little FIELDWORK to kick off this holiday season! Take a moment to share gratitude with someone in your life. Send a message and tell them how much you value them, the thing you live most about them and what a difference they make in your life. 

Together, let’s commit to expressing and sharing gratitude more often, to collectively shifting our energy, to attracting more things to be grateful for into our lives, and helping each other to shine our lights a little brighter.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and the most joyous holiday season.  

With Love + Gratitude,

The MFT Team: Dr. Frank, Corey, Michele and Mary

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