Why MFT chose these companies for nutritional supplementation solutions

Morphogenetic Field Technique works with three major product lines to offer solutions to improve the general health of the individual by addressing bio-individual problems presented by the Bio Field. 
These companies have been chosen to provide the practitioner with a range of treatment options. MFT strongly suggests that the practitioner, over time, build up to using all three supplement lines. Even though each supplement line might seem to provide a similar solution, the energy of the products and their ability to neutralize the problem energies in the MFT test kits are of greatest importance to the M-Field Practitioner. Many similar sounding products are formulated differently and therefore have a different energy. The way the supplement ingredients are extracted/grown/blended, the ingredient levels used, or the delivery system employed, might cause one product to more strongly resonate with  an individual’s M-Field over another.

MFT keeps these criteria in mind when seeking out nutritional solutions: 

1. Company integrity- Industry leadership
2. Quality of product - ingredients and manufacturing practices
3. Unique approach - to addressing nutritional needs 
4. Wide range of product offerings - in a variety of areas
5. Purity- lack of fillers, extra ingredients that compromise communication with the Bio Field
6. Product availability and company support 

"The statements provided about these nutritional supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”
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