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As a complementary health practitioner, you know the importance of nutrition education when it comes to assisting clients in improving their general health. There is plenty of nutrition information available, however really being able to pinpoint the nutritional needs of EACH individual client can be difficult. 
Once mastered, the technique takes less than 15 minutes. We offer you a suggested 10 Phases of Healing treatment plan, so you have a long-term approach to supporting your client’s health goals. 

MFT education starts with learning the Fundamental Procedure which is the foundation of the technique. From there as your skill and confidence with the technique grows, you advance to deeper conversations with the body focusing on genetic and epigenetic considerations that impact health.

Each online course is a combination of instructor led videos, suggested reading, required practice of the technique, field assignments, and quizzes to increase your confidence, along with the opportunity to attend live in-person practice sessions. 

AND support from staff is only a click away!

Connect once again with what called you to be a healer by joining other healers and become a member of the Morphogenic Field Technique community.
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