The Morphogenic Field Technique is devoted to the understanding of the human bio-field.

Our bodies ultimately are fields of information, intelligence, and energy.  Through the morphogenic field technique we can access “the holistic interconnection of gene material in all cells, which holds the key to addressing the root cause to many major disorders."

We teach practitioners to obtain this information and determine a plan of care based upon the bio-individual and energetic needs of the human body through the creation of a customized protocol discovered through the Morphogenic Field Technique.

We use nutritional, homeopathic and herbal remedies but are always mindful of where additional lifestyle therapies can be beneficial.

Our Guiding Principles

To Treat Each Patient With Respect and Dignity

To Develop Strong Relationships

To Express Compassion To Each and Every Person We Encounter

To Create a Place to Learn

To See The Best In People And Strive To Reveal Their Healthiest Potential

To Become an Active Part of Our Community

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