Getting Started!

New to MFT?

During this call, you will explore:
  • How MFT can be a valued-based addition to your existing health practice.
  • How the MFT technique is a unique approach to nutrition and lifestyle counseling.
  • How the MFT online academy learning can easily fit into your busy life.
  • How MFT is here to support your success both while learning and in your practice.
  • How you can get started with your learning in a few simple steps.

Already an MFT practitioner?

During this call, we will discuss:
  • Which upper level of learning meets your present educational needs as a practitioner.
  • What additional test kits and pillars will complement your existing MFT tools.
  • What Alumni programs will give your practice a boost.
  • Check out some of these MFT informational webinars!
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